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Helping physicians start, manage and grow their own private practices

Let us help you build your practice from the ground up. We are staffed with experienced and successful clinicians who can help you make the best decisions in starting a practice. Our organization will help you secure the right location, choose the right programs for your practice’s infrastructure, and hire the right staff.

Contact us today, and we will help you every step of the way to launch your own successful practice.

About TryShingle

A bit of introduction

About Us

Shingle is an agency based in San Francisco that aims to help doctors start, manage, and grow their own practices. The company is staffed with physicians with successful practices and offers technical assistance to aid in the services and infrastructure of starting, maintaining, and marketing a doctor’s practice in a stress-free manner.

Our personal experiences of starting practices have given us the knowledge and experience to know what it takes to create a successful launch. We help in the starting, managing, and growth of the practice through excellent marketing. Visit us if you’re planning to start a practice in San Francisco, and we will help in picking the right location, managing the system, and promotions.

What We Do

Our Services

Our services cover real estate, where we help you secure the proper spot for your clinic along with all the necessary requirements. We also offer practice management solutions such as IT services, billing services, EMR/EHR. Finally, we also offer marketing and promotions to help you get patients and quality employees to help run your practice.

Business Licensing<br />

Business Licensing

We will help you get the proper permits to legally operate your practice.

Banking and Financing

Banking and Financing

Our team can help you create a budget to get your practice started.

Finding Real Estate

Finding Real Estate

We will help you secure the right spot for your practice.

Business Planning

Business Planning

We can help you create a robust business strategy to secure your practices’ financial health.



Your patient’s records will be user-friendly and secure from cyber-attacks.



IT officers will create a robust and secure system to run your practice while protecting patient data.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Billing and Revenue
Cycle Management

Get help from experts in billing to ensure a healthy cash flow.



We have connections to various hiring agencies to help you get the best employees at affordable prices.

Website and Social Media

Website and
Social Media

We create the promotional infrastructure for your practice.

Marketing Across All Platforms

Marketing Across
All Platforms

Our team of marketers knows how to promote your practice through different social media platforms.

What We Aim

Our Mission

To help physicians start, manage and grow their own private practices, thus giving physicians the autonomy and freedom needed to take control of their careers while delivering the quality medical care their patients need.

TryShingle Mission Vision

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